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Corporate law

A core competence of ZIEFLE UNGER is advisory services on corporate law. The members of the law firm have many years of experience in advising mainly medium-sized companies in corporate law.

Our clients include medium-sized companies, family run businesses and public companies.

We do not consider ourselves simply as experts in corporate law but in our corporate law advisory services we also highlight economic relationships, closely cooperating with the tax advisors of the client. This integrative approach enables sustainable and future orientated solutions.

Our advisory activities in corporate law encompass especially:

  • Foundation of companies
  • Reorganisation and restructuring, especially transformations, mergers, outsourcings, demerging of companies
  • Conceptual development of company succession
  • Liquidation of companies
  • Company contracts, company bylaws (management, supervisory board, advisory board), chief executive and board director contracts
  • Corporate and legal obligations of company holdings
  • Employee share ownership models
  • Strategic planning, implementation and monitoring of general partner meetings and resolutions of the board
  • Corporate Housekeeping, especially changes to statutory regulations (relocation of business, renaming, capital increases or reductions)
  • Corporate Governance, especially in compliance with the Corporate Governance Code
  • Legal advice on restructuring, especially the law relating to substitution of equity capital
  • Advice and representation in disputes between partners or the company and chief executive
  • Representation in court proceedings in the civil law court and court of arbitration

Commercial law

Supplementary to corporate law one of ZIEFLE UNGER core areas of expertise is commercial law. The team from ZIEFLE UNGER possesses wide ranging knowledge and benefits from extensive experience as it is orientated towards medium sized company clients.

A focal area within the parameters of commercial law is the law of commercial representation and the law of general terms and conditions of business

The range of services encompasses in addition:

  • Commercial trade
  • National and international trade law
  • Sales distribution law
  • E-Commerce
  • Franchise contracts
  • Law of authorised dealers
  • Law of freight and forwarding
  • Development and distribution agreements
  • Arbitration procedure

Legal protection for commercial business

The range of advisory services from ZIEFLE UNGER in the area of commercial legal protection consists of competition, trademark and copyright law. These areas of expertise are marked by complex jurisprudence and knowledge of the economic issues in the background are of central importance to those companies advised by us. This is the only way of achieving complete and sustainable solutions for our clients.

Competition law
We support our clients in connection with issues regarding the admissibility of advertising measures and the generation of legally admissible and creative solutions, if necessary in cooperation with the respective advertising departments. Furthermore we offer representation and advice on issues relating to advertising infringements both in court and out of court.

Trademark law
We accompany the clients in the area of trademark law in the registration of trademarks and represent them where major contractual agreements are pending and numerous contracts are required general terms and conditions.

Copyright law
We support our clients in drawing up and negotiating license agreements to economically utilise either your own or foreign products. Furthermore we advise you on issues relating to the handling of copyright infringements.

Contract law

A central focus of the activities of ZIEFLE UNGER is contract law. The numerous medium sized companies, entrepreneurs and freelance professionals advised by the law firm benefit from our many years of experience in this area.

Our legal advisors support our clients in all associated issues. We draw up prudent and well- conceived contracts and assist you in analyzing the contracts of others. Furthermore we prepare our principals for negotiations or conduct them in their name.

Our all encompassing advisory activities also include the maintenance and realignment of current contracts.

This is a matter of special concern for companies and management who are faced with new challenges on a daily basis. As our legal professionals in the law firm possess extensive and up to date specialised knowledge and broad experience of legal proceedings it is possible to develop target orientated concepts in close communication with our clients that generate sustainable solutions.

International contract law

The range of expertise provided by ZIEFLE UNGER and central to the area of commercial and corporate law as well as in the drafting of contracts is completed by advising our clients on international contract law.

The numerous medium-sized companies being advised by the law firm no longer operate only within national boarders but, due to globalisation, have become active throughout the world. ZIEFLE UNGER therefore expertly support the international operations of their clients in the drawing up of contracts foreign business partners, whether in the English or German language. We work closely with colleagues on location within or beyond Europe.

A judgment is made dependent on the individual case and the business location of the contractual partner as to which law is material to the contractual relationship and whether an agreement on the place of legal jurisdiction or legal arbitration is sensible.

The range of advisory services encompasses in addition:

  • Application of the UN Sales Convention CISG
  • Object of the contract and performance obligations
  • Guarantees, liability and consequential damages
  • Product liability
  • Protection and use of patents, trademarks and designs
  • Copyright
  • Know How
  • Non-disclosure/ NDA.

Labour law

As the law of labour relations is an important factor of a company, it is a main part of the advisory services of our commercially orientated law firm. Particularly in association with legal business issues, such as company takeovers and demergers, labour law plays an important role in our focus on our completely integral advisory service.

Our advisory services in labour law encompass especially

  • Statement of work and service employment relations - negotiation and formulation of work and service contracts
  • Termination of work and service employment relations - risk management and strategic planning, implementation (dismissal/termination contract), progressive implementation
  • Reorganisation and operational changes - negotiations with the workers council, negotiations with the arbitration committee, negotiations with the authorities, feasibility studies, representation labour tribunals, individual implementation of legal substance
  • Tariff law -tariff contracts in company transitions, application and interpretation of tariff contracts, withdrawal from associations
  • Development of remuneration systems - structuring of flexible models of remuneration, profit sharing and employee working times
  • Company pension schemes - structuring of company pension systems privatization and pension provisions, new types of provisions, advisory services on the concluding of and in disputes over claims on pension provisions

Insolvency law

ZIEFLE UNGER possess deep knowledge of insolvency law and have successfully supported well-known insolvency proceedings in the past.

As a law firm focused on business law our role is not only to support insolvency proceedings but to promote an integrated advisory approach centred on a future orientated restructuring concept. Featuring largely in the foreground are preventative measures. We identify the risks existent in the distressed financial position and support our clients in introducing the necessary and economically practical legal steps in a timely manner.

In order to protect our clients from any criminal charges arising from a criminal act of insolvency our insolvency experts cooperate closely with colleagues responsible for criminal offences in business law.

Our advisory services in insolvency law encompass especially:

  • Securing the rights of the creditors in insolvency
  • Drawing up and assessing the restructuring concepts
  • Enforcement of security in the insolvency process
  • Advising and supporting the chief executives and partners during the insolvency of the company
  • Advising on equity capital replacement and the right of appeal
  • Representation in and out of court in respect of issues of criminal activity in the insolvency procedure.

Building and architect law

ZIEFLE UNGER draw on many years of experience and much expertise in the areas of building law in the private sector and in architect law.

Private sector building law
Private sector building law ranges widely from the drawing up of a construction contract through the supportive advisory services up to enforcing claims for compensation for defective construction work. Close cooperation with architects and building appraisers ensures technical and legal solutions are achieved.

Our advisory services in building law encompass especially:

  • Pursuant to BGB (German Civil Code) and VOB/B (Construction Tendering and Contract Regulations)
  • Enforcement or countermanding claims for remuneration
  • Warranty claims/claims for defects
  • Mediation
  • Independent procedure for the appraisal of evidence
  • Cross-functional advisory services (with architect and independent expert).

Architect law
Architect law is specialist subject matter extending from the contract with the architect through the law of remuneration pursuant to HOAI (fee scales for architects and engineers) up to issues of liability.

Our advisory services in building law encompass especially:

  • Drawing up and examination of the architect contracts
  • Supportive advisory service
  • Fee entitlements
  • Warranty and liability issues
  • Mediation
  • Enforcement of claims on professional indemnity insurance

Inheritance law and succession planning

ZIEFLE UNGER has extensive years of experience in the area of inheritance law. A core competency of our activities in succession planning is advising companies, self-employed and freelance professionals.

Our inheritance law experts cooperate closely with colleagues specialised in corporate law in structuring a customised succession plan in order to arrive at a balanced and comprehensively well thought out solution for our clients. The preventative measures that ensure the avoidance of conflicts play a central role in succession matters.

We have equally many years of experience in inheritance law in respect of the private person. There is a considerable need to take action as a consequence of the growing importance of inheritance. Our approach here is also an integrated one in addition to considering the implications of inheritance tax.

There are three main objectives when structuring a prudent contract of testamentary dispositions:

  • Social justice
  • Protection of wealth (also from the tax authorities)
  • Peace among the heirs.

Demographic trends evidencing a continually aging population and growing need for old age care are dealt with by a comprehensive structure of designated patient proxies and precautionary powers of attorney among other measures.

This all serves to avoid conflict. Should it come to a dispute your rights are in expert hands.

Family law

ZIEFLE UNGER view family law not just as the next progressive step in a failed relationship. Instead, we work constructively with our clients before entering into a marriage by drawing up a marriage contract that reduces the economic risks of separation and divorce.

Should the marriage fail we work with both parties in mediation of an agreement that facilitates the divorce in that both parties interests are satisfied by the solution achieved.

Family law is an extensive specialist area well served by our experienced team. The deep understanding gained by our specialists over the years has been proven by a number of the members of our law firm as their accredited status has stood our clients in good stead.

Our advisory services in family law encompass especially:

  • Marriage contracts
  • Agreements facilitating divorce proceedings
  • Mediation
  • Maintenance issues
  • Rules on equality of marital distributions
  • Parental care
  • Access rights.

Criminal law

ZIEFLE UNGER advises and defends clients in and out of court on issues of a criminally relevant nature. Our expertise is especially of benefit in criminal law relating to business activities. Our range of advisory services on criminal law issue is further supported by our legal skills in the area of capital crimes.

Our clients benefit today from the experience gained by our colleagues over many years of conducting court proceedings in criminal law. Our understanding of an optimal criminal defence is based on the principle that the counsel of the defence is an independent body of the administration of justice and is appointed to lend assistance to the client. Analogue to the standpoint of the German Federal Constitution Court our entire range of experience and skills are invested in preventing any erroneous decisions negatively impacting our clients.

Our aim of providing optimal results for our clients is initiated at the earliest possible stage of the investigations.

Should it be required, we enlist the services of forensic expertise after consultation with our clients.

Tenancy law, commercial premises tenancy law, apartment ownership law

Tenancy and apartment ownership law and especially commercial premises tenancy law are one part of ZIEFLE UNGERs expertise. Based on years of experience in processing tenancy related issues of landlords as well as tenants, as well as regularly participating in specialist advanced training seminars the members of our law firm are experts in this area characterised essentially by case law.

Drawing up customised commercial premises rental contracts is a focal point of this legal area. The team of ZIEFLE UNGER have customised individual commercial premises rental contracts that are always guided by the latest developments in case law for numerous medium-sized companies in the region.

The range of advisory services also includes:

  • Termination with due notice and without notice
  • Security deposit
  • Defects and liability for defects
  • Cosmetic repairs
  • Increase in rents
  • Ancillary rental costs
  • Sub-tenancy

Furthermore ZIEFLE UNGER advise on apartment ownership law. This governs the relations between the owners of apartments (and/or detached commercial units) in apartment building developments. The ownership law is a highly specialised legal area as it unites ownership and community law. Legal instruction on the rights and obligations arising from the ownership of an apartment are not typically provided by either an estate agent or a notary.

We also provide advisory services to:

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  • Property owners
  • Owners association
  • Property management

Traffic law

Traffic law is an extremely practice-orientated legal area and naturally belongs to the catalogue of expertise offered by ZIEFLE UNGER. The legal substance is strongly influenced by court jurisdiction and developments in this area are in turn closely followed by our team. As we are committed to being always well informed we are able to guarantee a high quality standard in traffic law.

We place high priority on a timely assertion of the rights of our clients. We take over the complete process of the traffic issue, especially in the assertion of claims against third parties for our clients and work with independent appraisers insofar as it is necessary and desired.

Insurance law

Insurance law is a complex subject and is subject to continual change due to the influence of the strong insurance lobby in Germany. As it is often the small differences in the formulation of contracts that ensures the effectiveness of the insurance cover, then it is necessary to exercise a certain sensibility when operating in this legal area. Our experienced advisors are therefore able to assist our clients already at the conclusion of the contract by ensuring that no surprises occur in cases of an insurance claim.

Even after the conclusion of insurance contracts the team of ZIEFLE UNGER assist clients in the damage claim procedure. The question of the size of the damage claim and the consideration of measures to reduce the damage play a decisive role. We accompany our clients to the final conclusion of the insurance claim and ensure wherever possible that the claim is processed and settled by the insurance company in a timely manner.

Public law

ZIEFLE UNGER advises numerous cities, communities as well as other clients in the area of community law, public sector building law and environmental law. We make every effort to take both political and economic issues into consideration in order to present comprehensive and sustainable solutions for our principals.

The expertise gained is reinvested by our advisors in providing services to publicly structured companies or those operating as public institutions. The interdisciplinary cooperation with our legal colleagues predominantly active in corporation law is for us a matter of course

Community law
Our advisory services in community law encompass especially

  • Fiscal legal issues
  • Privatisation procedures
  • Dispute procedures between governmental bodies
  • Legal issues on site development in respect of contribution law.

Public planning and buliding law
We assist and accompany our clients in

  • Building permission procedures
  • Urban development contracts
  • Expropriation procedures

Environmental law
ZIEFLE UNGER advise on

  • Approval procedures in respect of emissions
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Issues in respect of environmental liability
  • Issues in respect of soil protection and contaminated sites

Excellent advice requires specialised areas of expertise.